New penspinning blog!

Hello, I’ve decided to start up a penspinning blog ^^ I want to update every now and then with the newest Collabs, the hottest discussions on UCPSB: the Collective Pen Spinning Board, etc. I’ll also be posting tutorials on modding pens, what you need, what pens are available and in what countries, simply put: everything.

I’ve always felt like I need something like this to get updatet about PS every now and then, without having to ge scrolling through loads of forums. Then I discovered a french PS blog! And I searched for, and found a blogsite capable of doing what I need ^^ Oh yeah, thx Yiep for the tip ;D

Anyways, I’m just gonna start with posting the promo video, it’s a Collab made by swedish spinners when the swedish pen spinning forum (, duh XD) was opened. A promo video, to advertise the site.


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