12 September, 2011

CLICK HERE to see the ultimate pen spinning moves list. – Just it to orientate yourself with different moves, and as a reference point to learn.

–  List can also be found at


Sister Site announced!

14 March, 2010

Head on over to PenTricks for a well organised and user friendly collection of Pen Spinning information, Tutorials and Pen Modification Guides.

AND: just another find :)

World Cup 2010 Qualification Round JEB Collab

13 March, 2010

New Pen Spinning Trick Video Tutorials…

12 March, 2010

Finger pass, Double Thumb around and 2 Combo breakdowns have been added to the trick section, with more coming everyday.

If anyone would like to help contribute just drop a link or info on site comments or send an email through – it would be much appreciated.


Site Updating!

12 March, 2010

Hi there, This is Shen, I’m a new admin here on PenSpinningBlog. This place has been asleep last few years, but has fared well anyhow thanks to you guys! and now it’s reawakening.

Look forward to new content over the next few days including Expansion of the Trick Tutorial section and Pen Modification Guides as well as regular updates on the blog concerning news, events and collaborations.

Peace out, for now.

Universal Pen Spinning Board

20 December, 2007

The link to the Universal Pen Spinning Board (v3), which was reopened after having been closed for nearly 2 years on the 8th of September this year (2007).

I am more active there, also under the username Sfsr, and have stopped updating anything here. If anyone with a good knowledge base in penspinning is interested in updating the blog, feel free to contact me on Sfsr [at] telia [dot] com

FPSB Promo 1st

7 April, 2007

This is a promotional video for the French Pen Spinning Board. It’s good, it’s awsome, but it’s long. The music gets annoying and the intro is too much. I personally do not like it very much, it’s sad that a collab can get ruined b/c of it’s length :/ I hope everyone else likes it anyway, cause the spinning is awesome.

Download link