PPP 1st

6 April, 2007

Ever heard of Polish spinners? Well now you have. PPP is short for Polish Penspinning Portal and can be found at http://penspinning.pl/. They have released a first video, as a sort of promo for the site. A lot of spinner appear to have started with PenSpinning recently, the pens they spin aren’t any famous ones, but the collab as a whole is pretty good anyway. I saw some spinners use some advanced tricks, without really having very smooth combos. See for yourself.


JapEn 2nd

12 January, 2007

The second JEB video. Great spinners, like their first video, great combos, also just like their first video, and great music! Maybe not as perfect as their first imo, but good enough. Bonkura just has got so much style.

SweSpin Wintercollab 2006

5 December, 2006

This is the SweSpin Wintecollab that was released just a few days ago. It shows the best of Swedish PSing, with such spinners as ryu/stuth, FooK, Ceedgee, Ålan, Yiep and others. The editing is very clean, no unnecessary extra-effects and such. I hope you enjoy it, I did.

Download link

EuRaPen Opening!

27 November, 2006


The European Re-Arised PenSpinners, as it’s full name is, has now opened! It looks good this far, and is probably a good substitute for those Europeans who don’t like UCPSB. The Admins are as far as I know Fratleym and Tourneffaceur and it has mods from a lot of different European countries. Maybe this will be a way to develop PSing overall? We’ll see, just keep a look on the site and I’ll keep you updated on everything.


Hey guys!

24 November, 2006


This is Russell aka Spinofdoom here… I’ve just been added to this blog as an author, and I’ll work with Sfsr and some other people to make this a one-stop for penspinning ;)

Updates galore!

19 November, 2006

Hi this is DI just reminding you to look at all the new updates we have on the site! There are new pens, inserts, collabs, trick tutorials, and more! Also, check out the trick of the week (below the pen spinning sites links on the right side) and learn if if you havent already!

Hope you guys are having a good weekend!


Kam and De’vo in nokia commercials!

17 November, 2006



Check out the new commercials by pen spinning innovator and the Superhandz founder!