Pen Modification

Modifying pens is a part of PenSpinning. Here you’ll find what tools to use, tutorials for pens, etc.

Use the Page box on the Right, under “Tutorials” for Pen Modification information and Guides  ———————————————————————————————————–>




28 Responses to Pen Modification

  1. kevin says:

    how do you make a cool pen>

  2. sfsr says:

    Some really cool pens imo are the Tombow [] and the Dr. KT []. To get the pens to make these can be quite hard though, so making a RSVP MX [] or a BICtory [] might be smarter to start out with ^^

  3. Louis Vincent says:

    i’ve made a couple of pen mods using bics.
    if you want to publish them i’m still making instructions on assembly

  4. nathaniel says:

    i was just wonering what specific websites give you pen inserts or pen graphics to put in your pens?

  5. Mike says:

    I use modded Pentel RSVP pens, I think they are one of the best. Ive made RSVP V1, RSVP V2, and RSVP MX. They give pictures and one tutorial on, but the rest you have to search up on YouTube on the tutorial.

  6. LOSER says:

    Im a so so pen spinner that has been pen spinning for about a half a year. i want a cool pen that is easy to make. i usually use an RSVP MX but those are a bit to heavy. then i tried the BICtory but that was way to light. what would be an easy pen to make that is easy for me?

  7. Damian says:

    Anyone want to tell me where to buy super grips?? i cant find them anywhere.

  8. tommy says:

    how do you make a new mod page?

  9. ronald says:

    how about the always pen?

  10. SiNgApOrEgUy says:

    Where do i get BiC round stics in singapore?

  11. Gaydrian says:

    if u need pens, on the net is gud, i recommend ‘’. if u need inserts, google it or make your own on photoshop

  12. sebastian says:

    I recommend for pen mods and grips. They sell different grips and pens there. Plus, there are some cool pre-made pen mods. Jetpens is also a good site to buy pens, but there are no pre-made mods. I need some help finding inserts for my pens, though.

  13. philippines says:

    can a pilot bp-s can be fine in pen spinning?

  14. Arlen Earles says:

    Hi sexy blog lol thats if i blog could be called sexy. Did you design it yourself?

  15. Why is it that windows does not allow me to load huge files?

  16. bic spin says:

    are the buster cyl pens good or not. also is a bictory a good beginner pen thx

  17. FUCK YOU BITCHES says:

    Buster CYL is ok

    • Longman13 says:

      If you are a beginner you should pick bictory and if you are a pro spinner ( at least a year) you should pick a buster CYL. :)

  18. Colbster says:

    one of my favorite pens ive ever used is a custom one i made up. it consits of an rsvp barrell, and the clicker end of a Zebra z-grip. finished its 7 inches long. im not sure on the weight ask if you want instructions on it.

  19. get it YEAH! says:

    dude! every pen in the world at

  20. pengamer15 says:

    how do you make a rsvp mx. I think i need tools

  21. Spin says:

    I’m still what my main mod should be

  22. Dominoz says:

    This website is dead. DX
    Penspinning is DEAD!!!


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