Ballsign Mod

Simply put, making a Ballsign Mod is just double-capping a Sakura Ballsign or Gellyroll and adding Super Grip and Dr. Grip grips. It’s a personal favourite, and created by Bonkura. And if you decide to mod it, don’t be scared by how short it is. It’s about 16.5 Cm, wich I must admit is very short, but you get used to it. You need 2 Ballsign (or Gellyroll or w/e it’s called where you live…) pens, since the mod requires a cap on both sides.

Pen Facts:
Length: 17.5
Weight: Very light (lighter than com.ssa)
CoG: near CoP

Parts Needed:

  • Ballsign body
  • 2 Ballsign caps

How to make:
1) Remove the refill
2) Remove the clips that are sticking out from the pen caps
3) Remove the back plug
4) Put in whatever insert you feel like
5) Recap on both sides
6) Add about 1.7 Cm Super Grip grip and let half of it extend past the caps (The Dr. Grip grip will slip of if you don’t have this), then add a bit more than 0.5 Cm Dr. Grip grip over the Super Grip grip sticking out.

Voila! You’ve made yourself a Ballsign

Finnished Product:
Ballsign mod

Assembly Video:


33 Responses to Ballsign Mod

  1. Zombo says:

    This is a pen tutorial, yet when I click the pen section, it’s not listed.

  2. Kriasi says:

    I’ll make this tomorrow, looks great

  3. Kriasi says:

    It’sver short, but nice to spin with anyway :o

  4. sfsr says:

    Hey, it turned out quite nice :)

  5. Howard says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, the pen should be 17.5 cm long cuz bonkura made the grips stick out.

  6. Mikro says:

    Very Very good mod !!

  7. Tomex says:

    “CoP: At CoP” this should be corrected

  8. xcorrupt says:

    where can i find the big caps? and the super grips?

  9. Ste says:

    Where can I find Super Grip grips?

  10. unlitledumn says:

    Follow these guidelines and you will build that new home with little, or no, problems. bathroom kitchener remodeling can help…

  11. paz says:

    wat are super grips and where can u get?

  12. paz says:

    big caps mean the cap s they came with, i dont konw y people who put these mods keep saying “BIG CAPS”


  13. Fang15832 says:

    Super grips are from a mechanical pencil found on but if u cant order online then u can use G2 grips they are the same exact thing just black not clear

  14. paz says:

    what brand are super grip, where can buy?

  15. paz says:

    what part do u use, the big part on the front?

  16. tomo says:

    paz go to and search.

    and btw, do i need to buy two super grips in order to make this mod?

  17. paz says:

    its okay i no now

  18. tomatoe xa says:

    u can add signo gel pen metal to the ends to make it longer and heavier

  19. ~Aaron~ says:

    I couldn’t find dr grips so I used washers from my dad’s toolbox. You can slot them into the grip.

  20. Thealegex says:

    Emm.. Tell me about my here transaction Fresh joke! What kind of shoes do snakes wear for swimming? Water mocassins.

  21. tommy says:

    lol i cant find any pens that have caps that are strate like big its big on one side and small on the end and it sucks cuz i cant find any caps help(cant order online)

  22. imp says:

    Wow, this mod is really cool, but since my country do not have super grips and dr.grips, i just used anyball grips. I modded it a little though since i was REALLY REALLY light. I put sum old small watch batteries, (or mini flashlight batteries, the ones that are like small circle tablets) into the caps to make it heavier. AND IT WAS GREAT! since my hand is small it works so good!

  23. Poised says:

    Wait, what are super grips? I can get pretty much everything except that

  24. Poised says:

    Also, I just purchased the Sakura Ballsign Gelly Roll Silver Shadow
    Lightning Glaze pens. Will these still work?

    Thanks to any replyers

  25. Poised says:

    nvm I just use g2 grips from office depot (yes I will be buying them)

  26. Poised says:

    the g2 grips are from the small pens correct?

  27. UM Spinner says:

    Super Grips are a mechanical pencil made by Pilot. They have the same grip as a Pilot G2, except it is translucent.

  28. peter says:


  29. Obscura says:

    You can use Pilot Color Eno mechanical pencil as a substitute for Super Grip. They have exact same grips, and it’s also transparent.

  30. looooooooog says:

    can i like buy one that you made?

  31. Herro Dah says:


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