BICtory by Mwahaha91

This is the BICtory mod. It is made using 2 bic round stic pens. Bic round stics are VERY cheap and can be found virtually anywhere. So through hours and hours of hard work, I came up with the BICtory mod. It’s named BICtory mod because I felt victorious after the finishing it.

Pen Facts:

Length: 17.3 cm (Without tips)
CoG: At CoP
Other: Really cheap!

Parts Needed:

  • 2 BIC Round Stics
  • (Optional) Random Grip (Anyball, Signo Gel, w/e)
  • (Optional) G1 Tips


1) Start off by taking both caps off the BIC Round Stics, and cutting off the clip with the scissors. You can break the clip by hand if needed. There is no need to file the remaining part.
BIC Round Stic caps

2) Next, take off the front part of the pen on both bic round stics.
3) Puncture out the back plug of either one of the bic round stic bodies using a chopstick or another suitable stick-like thing.
4) After that, clip off 7 mm of both ink tubes off. This will allow the ink tubes to fit later when the double sided mod is done.
5) Now take a ink tube and insert it into one side of the bic round stic body that had the plug taken out. After, take the other ink tube and slide it in into the other side. Lastly, take both caps and stick them on.
6) (Optional) Attach a piece of grip and a tip on each cap.

Finished Product:



56 Responses to BICtory by Mwahaha91

  1. hye65 says:


  2. newb says:

    Just made this, thanks! Works well.

  3. newb says:

    forgot to write in the above post: it works fine with round stick knockoffs (not BIC brand) but you have to trim off more than 7 mm for it to fit in the pen.

  4. totallydude says:

    sweet this works great! ty so much 4 makin a pen mod that can actually be made in the usa! like all the other pen mods require hggs

  5. sfsr says:

    The RSVP CX is also an awesome mod which can be made out of pens easily found in USA (just uses RSVPs, really). Here’s a link to a tutorial of it ->

    And it’s not I who have come up with all these mods, I’ve just released the tutorials here.

  6. Jynxed says:

    I like to but half a RSVP grip at the COG. It serves as a great guide point for practicing tricks.

  7. deadturkry says:

    i made my own bictory, but mine is a bic ultra round stic grip, i cut the end off it and put another ink tube it(it writes on both sides) then put two black caps on and put a red G2 grip on one cap and a black one on the other it woks good and is easy to make( but the G2 grip is hard as S**T to get off

  8. paz says:

    wat do u meen g1 tip?

  9. Clam says:

    tip: the barrel was slippery and i didn’t have sandpaper so i just scratched the teeth up and down the barrel a few times and it stopped being slippery. just don’t overscratch!

  10. Clam says:

    woops… i meant that i took a saw and scratched the teeth of the saw up and down, i left that out of the comment somehow

  11. paz says:

    what g1 tip?

  12. SpinStar says:

    It is a grip from the pen Pilot G1. There is G2’s and g3’s as well

  13. SpinStar says:

    Hey, does anyone know another way to do step three?

    “3) Puncture out the back plug of either one of the bic round stic bodies using a chopstick or another suitable stick-like thing.”

    I find it really hard to do and When I do it really hard it smashes it off but it take a bit of white body with it

  14. Desending_Darkness says:

    hey paz its kieran, but would the bictory be good for TA reverse?

  15. paz says:

    hmm DD u shouldnt say that hmmmm…

  16. john says:

    here is also a pilot g6

    yeah it’d be fine for ta rev

    iam cluu1

  17. asdf says:

    two questions:

    1) what do you mean by putting the tubes into the hollow bic pen thing?

    2) i used two pilot G2 grips and stuck them onto the BICtory and it still isn’t heavy enough. what do i do?

  18. paz says:

    its not supposed to be that heavy, put the ink tubes into the barrel u chose

  19. Ryan's says:

    I love it! It’s the cheapest mod pen ever!

  20. gideon says:

    this was the first mod i made
    i found it short and light
    use the “round stic grip” (the one with grips the same radius as the barrel) as your tips
    and use the normal “round stic” for the tube.
    this should make a longer heavier mod. less than 25 us cent
    “round stic” <5 cent
    “round stic grip” 10 cents ish
    you can probably get free ’round stic”s anywhere you get free pens (hotel, car dealer, school, friends house)

  21. David says:

    Thanks for making a cheap yet effective pen mod! I like putting bic round stic grips between the ink and barral to add weight and length, as well as gluing 20 caliber bbs inside the caps. This gives the pen alot of feel and momentum. Also check out the BICtory SF, it’s a great improvment

  22. Nosrepemos says:

    The BB tip is really great, I put 4 BBs each in my (almost never used until now) Bictory and it truly does add the weight it so sorely lacked before. It is as heavy if not heavier than my RSVP MXs now! The only thing bad about this is that the BBs will rattle and will fall out if you remove the cap, but that can be easily solved with hot glue or just regular white glue. Anyway, I recommend buying some BBs along with those Round Stics the next time you happen to be pen shopping, it really does make the Bictory a viable mod for even serious pen spinners.

  23. jcnaks says:

    for an extra long one, use a bic round stic med/moy and a bic round stic grip

  24. tommy says:

    on the G2 grip put the tip in a clamp and crush it then move the pen around and it will break off and then its super easy to get the G2 grip off

  25. BlondiiGirl says:

    Hi, i live in Belguim Europe. Does anyone know in what stores in could them? Thanks (: xx

  26. BlondiiGirl says:

    I could buy them*

  27. mtalman says:

    how do i make dis in malaysia?

  28. soysauce says:

    i cant take the back plug off. Help?

  29. SiNgApOrEgUy says:

    Where do i get the bic round stics in singapore?

  30. origamiguy says:

    do any of you guys know how to make this longer? cuz it seems kinda short…

  31. alvin says:

    is it possible to use the RoseArt Red Pen instead of the BIC black pen? email me at plz.

  32. brendan says:

    that was pretty good all i did was drill a hole throughb da caps and added my lead mech into it and extended that to like 1/2 more that original its pretty good great job :)

  33. alvin says:

    what type of tips do you use if u dont hae g1 or g3? g2 cant come off

  34. jm says:

    the only problem with bictory is that the ink blows up inside after about weeks of using it. how can i avoid that from happening?

  35. i just use the crayon that can be twisted…. any brand of grips i used…

  36. kevin says:

    What is the point of this?

  37. steven says:

    where can i buy bic round stick at selangor?(batu 9 cheras,suntex)

  38. steven says:

    pls reply me thanks!

  39. aaron lee says:

    hey pilot g2 cut how many cm?i cant fit tips inside lol…it is too big…tips will easily drops inside..

  40. EpicPenSpinner says:

    you can use stick-tac as a weight. just stick them inside the caps

  41. pre meron ba nyan sa mga national bookstore sa pinas ?

    magkano bayan ?

    reply naman para magka ideya naman ako ng gagawin kong mod.

  42. sachib says:

    How can i get all this materials in india. And try making it?

  43. nagib says:

    i want to buy one how?

  44. Hyper drake says:

    Where to buy a BICtory

  45. madhav says:

    Wow mass idea. I tried it out.

  46. yo person will this work with a bic ultra round stic??

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