ComPirat by Eriror

Pen Facts:

Length: 23 cm
Weight: Heavier than RSVP MX
CoG: At CoP
Other: The color fades away after some time spinning.

Parts needed:

  • A SuperPirat body & caps
  • 2 ComSSA caps.

How to make:

1) Grab a SuperPirat, of your own preferred colour. [Colour of tutorial is blue]

user posted image

2) Glue the SuperPirat caps, and put the ComSSA caps on it.

And well, you’re done! Maybe remove/add a few grips to your own leisure, to change the weight. I hope you like it!

Finished Product:

user posted image


5 Responses to ComPirat by Eriror

  1. luke says:

    where can i get a superpirat? i realy like this mod.

  2. chino says:

    depends on where you’re from
    In germany you can buy Superpiraten in nearly every store

  3. NateBoi says:

    u can get them at….they sell them recetly

  4. jamx_jai_jay_jam(jjjj) says:

    can get in hk?

  5. joseph luna says:

    I just came from HK and i didn’t see any! Do you know which store they sell?

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