Dr. KT

This pen was first created by Ryo and became popular because he spun it in Japanese TV. It’s very heavy and gives loads of momentum, but a lot of people don’t like it because it’s too easy to spin with.

Pen Facts:

Length: 20 cm
Weight: Very heavy.
CoG: At the CoP

Parts Needed:

  • KeyTo Signpen Body + 2 of the big Caps
  • 2 Dr. Grip Mechanical Pencil tips
  • 3 Sailor Gel Grips (1 red, 1 blue and 1 gray)

KeyTo Signpen


1) Take of the caps and remove the “tips” on both sides.
KeyTo remove tip
2) Remove the Back Plug (it’s stuck quite good, so pull hard) and poke out both ink tubes through the back of the pen. Flush some water through the body.

KeyTo Remove Backplug
3) Put a big Cap on both sides.
4) Cut the Sailor Gel grip with a sharp knife. The red and blue grips should be cut in sections of 8, 3 and 2, while the gray grip should be cut in 4 pieces of 2 sections each, wich leaves you with some grip left over.

Sailor Gel Grip
5) Pull the Sailor Gel grips (First 3 colored, then 2 gray, 2 colored, 2 gray and lastly 8 colored) over the caps and leave about 3-4 sections sticking out, you need to push/pull very hard.
6) Push the Dr. Grip tips into the piece of grip sticking out. Like the grips, it’s quite hard to get them in place, and once there they should be stuck there quite firmly. It hould look something like this:

Dr. KT Cap/tip

Finnished Product:


50 Responses to Dr. KT

  1. everett says:

    what kind of tip is the dr.grip becuaes is it a led pencial (if so what size) and if its a pen (what size) thx email back plz

  2. Ryan says:

    Hey, where can I find a website to buy all the stuff I need for this pen? Please email it to me.

    Thank you.

  3. z says:

    can’t get da grip on!!

  4. darkeh says:

    Can I make it with Dr. Grip pen tips instead?

  5. lazyspin says:

    do we need to leave that little thing connecting to the DR grip tips or we take it off?

  6. butterbiscuit says:

    to z: you have to push/pull really hard to get the grips on…try using plyers to stretch them out a bit before you put them on, that way it’s a little easier

    to darkeh: no you can’t, dr. grip pen tips are way too fat, i wasted money thinking that pen tips would work just as fine

    to lazyspin: do you mean the sharp little thing at the end?
    pros: looks cool
    cons: when you try and catch the pen when you drop your pen it’s very painful… and they might break off if you drop them w/o catching them

  7. paz says:

    hey wat do u mean by the dr grip tip, do you cut anything off?

  8. sfsr says:

    No, if you have the correct Dr Grip pen, the tip should be able to be screwed of.

  9. paz says:

    hello, i sorta thought, couldn’t this be mode with the tombow abt’s, it seems better, it could be called

    : Dr. ABT

  10. paz says:

    sfsr, since u like tombows,( do u?), can u try to make the Dr. ABT i suggested, not trying to make u spend money but the mod seems really great, give credit to ur self though, not me, maybe dont know

  11. Endeuilleur says:

    It’s a very good pen,i made it a month a go.But I think you must spin a lot with com.ssa and rsvp mx,cause without this,it would be very hard to spin with they just after spinning with the KT.
    Why there isn’t here the tutorial of the bonkura black.KT?

  12. az says:

    awesome mod for anyone who likes pens on the heavier side. But if ur just beginning this pens probably not for you

    • Some1 says:

      k so dude just cuzz some1s a beginner doesnt mean they cant handle the Dr KT when i started i started with a rsvp and a buster cyl

  13. paz says:

    there should be tuto of CLEAR dr kt

    anyone wanna try making DR ABT

    made with tombows, make tombow swifter body, put caps, no anyball/profile, get Dr grip tips, put sailor gel

    havn’t tried it yetit seems really long a quite heavy

    i also made something wat i call, anyball retractable v1

    i might post this in upsb,

    note: i am not admin of this site, im not a professional but i adore pen spinning
    :) been spinning for 1 year

  14. bi_a_op says:

    its just a normal dr.grip, all dr.grips got the same tip.
    even the shaker. and yes, it is a lead pen

  15. paz says:

    no they don’t some are longer (the tips and grips)

  16. Thnikkaman says:

    gonna make one next week! ^-^

  17. CudOfCow says:

    How do you keep the cap that is on the “lighter inked” side of the Kieotyo pen from flying off when you spin it. The cap with the red grip on mine keeps flying off. I’m thinking about using some electrical tape to keep it on but looking for suggestions.

  18. paz says:

    push it all the way?????????

  19. BrokenFury says:

    does anyone want to post links for each of the parts to buy? i have been doing basic thumbaround tricks for a while till i started researching and this seems to be the best to make that i have seen but cannot find all the parts.

  20. Craeos says:

    BrokenFury, if you would read, you would see the links http://www.penwish.com or http://www.jetpens.com, that were posted by Saint, near the top. If all you can do is a basic thumbaround, I wouldn’t would think about buying parts for this pen, it’s pretty expensive. 26 dollars or so.

  21. Shuriken says:

    Can you use the Dr. Grip grip instead of the 3 sailors and just cut the Dr. Grip one in half and use it on both ends?

  22. darkeh says:

    Than it would be like a Black KT with different colored body.

  23. dEViLoFmE says:

    the big caps is what?the bigger caps from the sign pens?

  24. Mario says:

    can you write with this? if not what pen mod is good but can still write?

  25. futureornithologist says:

    I don’t think you could write, because the pen itself is a pen and you’re using mechanical pensil tips, so no.

  26. jamx_jai_jay_jam(jjjj) says:

    isnt this expensive?

  27. Nomed says:

    A pen mod that that can still write is the BICtory mod by mwahaha91
    Its also cheap and easy to mod

  28. tommy says:

    dude rsvp Mx its like 3 dallers total

  29. deadx123 says:

    are there any subsitutes at all for the hgg and comssa? i cant get them on pen wish and stores dont sell them where u live

  30. happiest_93 says:

    Is pentel keityo available in singapore?

  31. Sai says:

    Can you buy the pen that is already made like this? Pen spinning isnt very common in Australia.. ><
    do they sell pens like this is Singapore? if they do, where?

  32. mirik says:

    Hi,I am talking on behalf of Mood Indigo,IIT Bombay’s cultural festival.At this years festival we want to have a pen spinning show,however i am unable to find any contact.

    Kindly mail me if you have details of who might be interested.

    Thank You

    • tushar sharma says:

      hi friend, my name is tushar from allahabad and i just want a spinning pen name buster cyl. can u provide it for me

  33. Tehetti says:

    0.5 mechanical pencil for jap. dr grip tips
    buying ct.s and kt.s

  34. neil says:

    hey, can u still write with this pen? is there any pen spinning mods that actually allow u to spin AND write??

  35. cardswithpens says:

    @neil a Dr.KT can write,just skip the part where you remove both feltips and backplug,but it the ink could spill.since you are gonna spin the pen.

  36. […] – Link : The Penspinning Blog […]

  37. gillian says:

    does anyone know how to make the dr.kt to pacer?

  38. OmG LenGZaiii says:

    where to get the barrel?? from which pen’s body?

  39. thePenER says:

    Dr. KT >>> Buster CYL

    This mod has way more personality.

  40. where can i get KeyTo Signpen and the grip in malaysia

  41. trulykeneh says:

    how should i cut the sailor grip?

  42. Turkey says:

    where can i get the big cap?
    what brand was the big cap?
    can i buy it from penwish?

  43. ALEX says:

    What about the red grips?

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