HGG Com.ssa v.3

This mod is like a Com.ssa, but with the body replaced by a hybrid of the HGG and G-2 Barrels. You’ll need something to cut the barrels with (a small saw or a sharp knife), a file and maybe some sand paper. Credits go to IvanTheTerrible for the pics and tutorial, Mr. LSC for the actual mod.

Pen Facts:

Length: 18.5 cm
CoG: At CoP

Parts Needed:

  • HGG Barrel
  • G-2 05 Barrel
  • 2 Com.ssa Caps


1) Take the HGG barrel and cut and then file the bumps at the end away.

2) Cut a 4 cm portion away from the G2.

3) File the end of the G2 piece so the comssa cap can go on. You have to test a bit by yourself if you want to get the exact same length as the Com.ssa.

4) Put the G2 piece on the HGG barrel.

5) Put the Com.ssa caps on and make sure the Back Plug of the HGG isn’t visible.

Finnished Product:


10 Responses to HGG Com.ssa v.3

  1. seb74 says:

    eu…juste une qestion ON LE TROUVE OU LES BOUCHON DE COM.SSA jen trou ve pa uuuuuuiiiiiinnnnnn

  2. Aries says:

    Where could i get parts for these pens in the US or do I have to order from Japan?

  3. Cooper says:

    where do you find these materials?

  4. xcorrupt says:

    what are those red and blue things at the tips? and how can i get them?

  5. luke says:

    Those are anyball grips, i can buy them at staples. you take the grip off and cut it into strips of different colors. i think you can use a G2 grip if you need to

  6. Spriggan says:

    the G2 and the grips (profile anyball) can be found at any store such as staples or walmart or even a kroger…but the HGG and comssa parts are only in japan you can order them form http://www.penwish.com or even if you dont want to make your own mod they have pre mades there…..extremley well made i have a few from that site myself

  7. Fuco says:

    Nice pen, but please, insert high-resolution pictures, beacuse i cannot enlarge these :/

  8. Sebbl says:

    you can get hggs in german too
    enlarged pics:

    finished product:

    (these are the same pics I just removed “.th” from the url)

  9. Naiton says:

    Spriggen is incorrect.
    You can get HGG’s in many countries other than japan, although not in america, and ComSSa’s are used for scan tron tests in Korea, and are only sold there

  10. hey says:

    penwish.com <– pen modded parts and modded pens. everything you need.

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