The RSVP MX is probably the most famous spinning pen. This mod is invented by Kam. Before he created the MX he had already made two other RSVP mods, RSVP v1 and RSVP v2, so the MX is considered number three in his RSVP “family”. Even if the MX maybe isn’t the best spinning pen, it’s a “most have pen” for a real penspinner.

Pen facts:

Lenght: ~19 cm
Weight: 12 g
CoG: ~2 cm nearer the back from CoP.

Parts needed:

1 Hgg grip
1 Hgg tip

MX parts


1) Take of the back cap of the RSVP, drill a small hole trough it and insert the inktube in it.


2) Take of the cap and grip from the RSVP

3) If you have an insert, push it into the barrel then screw the back part with the inktube back to place

Back part

4) Take the RSVP cap and break of the clip, then push the grip in to the cap.

Back cap

5) Push the cap with the grip in on the back of the RSVP

Almost finished

6) Now, glue the Hgg tip on to the plastic tip on the RSVP. Some people use a little bit of tape on the plastic tip and then screw the Hgg tip on, but I think that method is a bit instable.

7) Last part is to put the Hgg grip on the front of the RSVP and voilá you have a RSVP MX! =)



77 Responses to RSVP MX

  1. MRavioli says:

    they discontinued the hgg so i cant get it what pen should i use then? a pilot g2 grip? if so, how do i get the grip off?

    • SpinN3r says:


      • Aaron says:

        you pull it off where it comes off tip end and it is easier if you put in in boiling water then pull it off obviously after you take it out and shake it off but dont let it cool down just be careful

    • Yows says:

      JUst put the pen in in hot water, boiling so the grip will loosen up a bit. ive made 12 of these RSVP’s with g2 grips

    • Pruthvik says:

      Just use a stick force it down between the grip and body and slightly lift the grip and put two three drops of oil and rotate the pen with the stick in the same place so hat all parts gets the oil amd it gets detached from the body then let it stretch
      Aftert that just simply pull it out

  2. eric says:

    I can take the Pilot G2 grip off, it’s a bit hard but keep trying and it will come off. I prefer BIC mechanical pencil grips tho.

  3. z says:

    I’m a major pen spinner and I’v moded my rsvp mx that it is a commsaa pen and a rsvp hybrid. I also added a Dr. grip skaker shaft inside to improve balance.

  4. #Ice says:

    Im pretty new to penspinning (1-2 months)
    right now im using theese pens
    U guys recomend buying pens and make R.S.V.P MX????

  5. xcorrupt says:

    hey does anyone know where, or how i can make the pen inserts?

  6. bachman says:

    did you guys realised thet the hgg tip is way to light and make the balance go off? and when i put the hgg on the RSVP the hgg grip looks shorter…. what should i do?thanks fr answering!

  7. Jynxed says:

    I used a metal tip from my old gel pens to replace the Hgg tip, but you have to be careful since some are made out of copper rather than steel and are way lighter. this was the second mod I did, and I think it came out pretty well. Also, if you don’t have a drill or need something more portable I suggest getting a Fury Mini-Cutter that can flip open and close, like #29772 or #29714. It’ll take more time to make the hole, but at least you won’t be in your dorm and having people wonder what on earth you could be drilling. The first one I mentioned also has a led light, so you can mod at night without disturbing family or roomies. XD

  8. ninjacookies says:

    damn I was useing a rsvp to spin but I wated to mod it some how. But then i lost it='( and now i find this. dammit

  9. paz says:

    hey ninjacookies , u new to psing?

  10. ninjacookies says:

    not really why?

  11. T. short says:

    Is trading or odering online the only way to get HGG’s?

  12. sfsr says:

    Depends on where you live. I’m from Sweden and I can get them at some places, but if you’re in the US trading or ordering online is pretty much your only option.

    It’s worth it for a real RSVP MX though.

  13. paz says:

    thank u sfsr, u answered my where do u live question,(swedish meatballs are yummy and cool) ninja cookies, i think u should start out with the rsvp v1 if ur quite new, im assuming the mx would be heavy on begginers, not saying im that good but yeah,(im PSed for about a year)


  14. TIGGER says:

    woot woot! RSVP OWNZ… but all my other friends have dr kts ='( but i put in so many extra inserts that its pretty heavy for a MX… do u guys know nay pens that are smiliar to the dr kt but cheaper?

  15. paz says:

    dr st hehe

  16. Mike says:

    you should probably use the v2 or v1 if ur a beginner. since the mx is so heavy, your fingers aren’t used to it and its hard, but on the other hand it has really good balance that comes in handy while learning new tricks

  17. Confused... says:

    I don’t get what you do with an insert. I have one printed out, then what? Do I wrap it around the ink tube? Do I make a funnel and slide it in? I’m so confused!!!

  18. paz says:

    first u roll it on the ink tube, then u stick the insert and ink tube in……

    \is that hard?????????????

  19. clyde says:

    hey can i have the insert of that mx?

  20. deathwish says:

    can i hve insert please

  21. futureornithologist says:

    does it write?ANd where do u get inserts?

  22. PSNubcake says:

    If you reverse the inktube, it is writeable, just remove the cap and write from the back end, that’s what I do.

    I had heard RSVP MXes were nice, but I live in the US. Somehow, I miraculously found an HGG my friend let me borrow or something, and modded my RSVP into an MX. Still, if you can’t find HGGs, you can use the metal tip off of pretty much any gel pen, and the grip from a Pilot G2. These tips tend to be heavier, which is in my opinion, beneficial, as it centers the COP on the pen.

    Hope I helped someone here.

  23. tommy says:

    i have the stuff and it looks awesome but how do you make inserts?

  24. tommy says:

    i cant order from the internet so i cant get hgg grips or tips so this is what i did it also balences it too. where the original grip was you put duck tape till its lvl with the sides and put pilot 2 grips on there and dont cover the clear tip its balanced in middle.

  25. zizi says:

    hgg tip and grip cant not be found in america, so is there any substitute for the tip and grip.

  26. supa-spinna says:



  27. supa-spinna says:


  28. UM spinner says:

    A substitute for an HGG tip is a Uni ball Signo tip. For the grip, you can use a G2 grip or another RSVP grip with a half of another RSVP grip.

  29. Newbie_S says:

    Hey all

    Very Very Very new to pen spinnning

    like 3 days :)

    When i get more advanced im getting rsvp mx as my friend suggested it –

    But what exactly is it?

    A pen with extra parts or what?


    • Yows says:

      its a pen of PENTEL.. yo u need 2 of these to make one.. it only has one grip. its relly affordable… but there is a cheapest one i made only 16 Php.. cheap right? its a lotus neo 3 in one set..

      hope ihelped you… :)

  30. soysauce says:

    i cant get an RSVP in my country so which pen should i use? and what metal tip should i use? (i cant get HGG either)

  31. soysauce says:

    forget the HGG part. i know the substitutes for HGG but i dont know any substitutes for RSVP.

  32. al-kun says:

    i’m pretty new to this and i just made my first RSVP MX, and i found that it was pretty back heavy, so i looked around for some old pens and replaced the grip with one form a PaperMate Comfort Mate Grip pen and it was a lot more centered….

  33. Gaydrian says:

    RSVP is quite balanced if you mod it rite. if u cant find RSVPs or HGGs in ur country, get the net i recommend inserts r made on fotoshop, there r some good inserts on this site already, u can save the picture and edit on Photoshop.

  34. […] Pen spinning usually is done with what spinners call “mods.” These are an amalgamation of pen parts taking bodies from one kind, caps from another, tips from yet one more, and grips from still another. The most popular mod involves combining a Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip with a Pentel RSVP to create what is known among spinners as the RSVP MX. […]

  35. joshezz says:

    wow cool rsvp if any one here i can tell u how to improv u rsvp

  36. sergio says:

    i start pen spinning since 1 year 4 year ago. i never got rsvp pens because i don’t know the brand of rsvp. please reply

  37. PenSpinner1000 says:

    Its Pentel RSVP!
    Have Fun Penspinning!

  38. Bob says:

    You do know you could have looked on the internet stupid!

  39. jack says:

    a good substitute grip for the hgg(for US) is the PENTEL RSVP RT grip :)

  40. TranQ says:

    Thx for the tutorial :)
    didnt know exactly what to do with my “spare” rsvp grip :)
    any good sites for “pre-made” inserts?
    and what measures is it for the inserts? i’ve made my own, and it got kinda “mashed” up when inserting it xD

  41. Really Good Articles/posts that you have on this site. Thanks

  42. Sebas says:

    I am a beginner about 1-2 months, but i learn pretty quick. I know the sonic, reverse sonic, infinity, shadow, thumbaround, reverse thumbaround, Bust, and the charge. i also know a couple more. i made a red vs. blue RSVP MX but instead of using the hgg grip and tip, i used the grip from a red papermate pilot, which worked out pretty good, and a tip from another pen. i also made a black and orange RSVP MX with a g2. That works pretty well too. Any suggestions for pens that i can use that are cheap and in the U.S. for RSVP MX’s????

  43. jm says:

    i know where u can find an hgg in the philippines

  44. Sai says:

    Where can you get the pen and parts in Australia, Sydney?

  45. poptrops says:

    i substituted hgg for a pente meteor though it’s not balanced…. what to do???

  46. daemon says:

    its really not balanced

  47. Matthew says:

    to me its not the most efficient or logical mod, i mean all the effort of drilling a whole and such

  48. Kisai says:

    I think the Pilot G2 grip works best since its slightly heavier than the HGG and I dont use the HGG tip much often I prefer the Gelwriter tip. Its large and heavy and adds more balance to the pen if used along with the Pilot G2

  49. SilentAngeL* says:

    now i can make my 1st mod ^_^

  50. aaron says:

    I just brought a pack of rsvp’s and i want to mod them… they are different colours but the the cap at the bottom is plastic with the whole pen so i don’t know how I’m meant to get that off and add a hog one? please help? have i got the wrong ones?

  51. cloud says:

    what is the designated size of its insert?…

  52. cloud says:

    i mean the size of the insert of rsvp mx

  53. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    can i poke a hole through the back with scissors instead of using a drill

  54. Ako budoy says:

    yeah ako budoy!!!!!!!!!!

  55. googleisyourfriend says:

    this looks like a normal pen…I’ll keep my comssa metallic instead, its cop=cog too

  56. xP says:

    this looks like a normal pen…i’ll keep my comssa metallic instead
    its cop=cog ;)

  57. Newbie says:

    I have a valid question. Does it write?

  58. Gman says:

    I like your insert. Can you post a link to it?

  59. Dbicvt says:

    Is there somewhere I could get a pen that has a grip that goes all the way around the point? I have ZG buster yellow from Pen Wish and I don’t like how the grip ends and leaves me with slippery metal tips. If this this is something I could fix at home that would be great but if not some mod recommendtions or something like that would be good.

  60. Pruthvik says:

    What is the length of an hgg tip

  61. […] RSVP MX | PenSpinning Blog! – The Penspinning blog for all you pen spinners out … and the charge. i also know a couple more. i made a red vs. blue RSVP MX but instead of using the hgg grip … […]

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