True HGG Vortex v. I and v. III by Sfsr

True HGG Vortex v. III

There was a v. II, but it was no good. Had weak points and just broke, so I never released it. Now I made v. III though
It’s a double sided pen again ofcourse, a Vortex. You will need some time to mod this, the HGG barrels are really hard, and it can be hard to get the cuts right. Great pen for Shadows and NeoBaks imo, the weight is concentrated more to the ends.

Pen Facts:

Length: 20.5 cm (Can be varied)
Weight: RSVP MX < True HGG VX III < Dr. KT
CoG: A few mm from CoP due to the inktube
Pens Needed: 2 HGG, 2 Com.ssa caps, Staedtler Gel Roller, Anyball Grip.
Pros: Good balance, good looking, great momentum, no joint in the middle and can write.
Cons: You can’t have an insert that goes all the way. Can break or leak ink, but not so easily. Hard to mod.

Parts Needed:

1. Staedtler Gel Roller
2. Staedtler Gel Roller inktube
3. HGG inktube [10 cm] with a sharp piece of BBQ stick [2.5 cm] in it
4. Small HGG front part [5.5 cm]
5. Insert [6.5 x 2 cm]
6. Large HGG front part [12.5 cm]
7. Part of the Staedtler Gel Roller inktube [2.5 cm]
8. 2 Com.ssa caps



1) Take the 2 HGGs you want to use, screw of the tips, remove the inktubes and poke out the backplugs.
2) Measure 12.5 cm from the tip of one HGG and cut the barrel using a mini hacksaw, or another tool of your preference.
3) Take the second HGG and cut precisely at the border of the grip. Removing the grip before cutting might be a good idea.
4) Cut a pretty thick BBQ stick into a piece of 2.5cm with a sharp end on it, then the HGG inktube so it is 10 cm. There will probably leak out some ink, so do this over a sink or in a plastic bag. Push the BBQ stick into the HGG inktube to prevent any more ink from leaking out.
5) Insert the insert from the back of the large HGG part while inserting the inktube + BBQ stick from the front. It’s a little hard to get the insert to fit nicely around the inktube, but it should work.
6) Cut off 2.5 cm from the Staedtler Gel Roller ink tube, wrap double sided tape around half of it, insert the non taped side into the small HGG part. It should fit nicely and come to a stop where the tape starts. Insert the taped side into the larger HGG part.
7) Screw on the HGG tips and put the Com.ssa caps on.

Finnished Product:


True HGG Vortex v. I

This pen is a double sided HGG pen, a so called Vortex. It’s weight isn’t concentrated at the ends, it’s quite spread out over the pen. Some people like this, other not. It’s good for doing Sonic tricks, but not as good for arounds. This is version I, it has some weaknesses that are hopefully going to be fixed in v. 2 or v.3. Since cutting HGG barrels isn’t the easiest thing to do it takes some time to mod it, but appart from that it’s easy to mod.

Pen Facts:

Length: 20 cm (Can be chosen)
CoG: At CoP
Parts Needed: 2 HGG, Staedtler Gel Roller inktube
Pros: Perfect balance, good looking, good feel and good momentum.
Cons: You can’t have an insert that goes all the way. A bit weak binding and a small joint in the middle.


1) Take the 2 HGGs you want to use, screw of the tips, remove the inktubes and poke out the backplugs.
2) Measure 10 cm from the tip of the HGG and cut the barrel using a mini hacksaw, or the tool of your preference. Do this to both pens. You can cut a bigger or smaller part to make the pen longer or shorter, just remember that the finnished product will be twice as long as you cut.
Now’s a tricky part. The barrels need to be connected to eachother in some way, this can easily be done by having a piece of inktube between them; but none of the inktubes of often used pens fit. I found in a pen in my local store called Staedtler Gel Roller, wich had an inktube that almost exactly fitted in the HGG barrels. If you have the Gel Roller inltube, wrap some double sided tape around it (not all the way around) and insert it halfway into one of the HGG bodys, then push the second HGG body onto that.

THGGVX Connection


Finnished Product:

True HGG Vortex



7 Responses to True HGG Vortex v. I and v. III by Sfsr

  1. paz says:

    is there a gap in between the pens?

  2. xthesaintx says:

    no, there’s no gap between the pens. they are pushed together with the connector (the inktube) inside

  3. thomas says:

    i think is pen is cool but it look like its cuved

  4. lnz says:

    I made myself a v1 and I love it its a great pen and much more stable than I thought

  5. jamx says:

    i have no idea where to buy dis stuff in hong kong

  6. V1 looks much better imo…

  7. Shimotakimas says:

    I created the Vortex (or RSVP VX) along with comssa metallic =D

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