Wannabe Tombow Swifter

This mod is made with two Tombow ABT pens. They are quite expensive, but It sure is worth it. This pen is called Wannabe Tombow Swifter since it’s not exactly the same as the Tombow mod Swifter uses, but quite close to.

Pen Facts:

Length: 20 cm
Weight: As Com.ssa or a little lighter.
CoG: At the CoP
Required Pens: 2 Tombow ABT markers
Tombow ABT

Parts Needed:

  • Tombow ABT Body
  • 2 Big Tombow ABT Caps
  • Dong-a Anyball Grip


1) Take of the caps and remove the “tips” on both sides.
Tombow remove tip
2) Remove the back plug. It’s stuck quite hard, but if you pull hard enough it’ll loosen.
Tombow remove backplug
3) Poke out the inktube that’s inside through the back of the pen. Flush through some water to make sure no ink is left.
4) Cut the Back Plug so only the part that’s actually inside the pen + the border is left. When you’re done, press it back onto the back of the pen.
Tombow how to cut
5) Put one of the big caps on both sides and add some Anyball Grip.

Finnished Product:
Tombow Swifter

Tombow CoG


25 Responses to Wannabe Tombow Swifter

  1. Frederik says:

    Lol funny i just bought that pen for my own mod and then finds this!!!

  2. paz says:

    wait h;ow do u put the anyball on? i know you stick it on but howe do you place it on correctly?

  3. paz says:

    does anyone know how the TRUE tombow swifter is made?

  4. sfsr says:

    The Tombow mod Swifter spun was like this, but with 1 cm cut off from the barrel before the backplug is replaced.

  5. paz says:

    oh oh and sfsr, y is it that in the middle of the anyball or profile, that spot is darker than the cap color, do you cut two grips and leave a space in between?


  6. paz says:

    ok, sfsr, i have a question, could you make something called a Dr. Abt( i made it up) from the regular wannabe swifter without the anyball grip, then use Dr. Grip tips and sailor gelon the caps,

    also, is it such a big deal if the tombow writing on the barrel gets scratched off, im not happpy about it

  7. paz says:

    paz responder(y my name?) what do u mean, am i like in trouble,(hope not) what do u mean that the linkings will track me down, that was sfsr that told us about the true tombow swifter, i didn’t, i just asked about it.

    hope fully im not in trouble

  8. ninjacookies says:

    Where can i get the dong-a anyball grips?

  9. paz says:

    donga is from korea ninjacookies. and paz responder responder, thnx for helping me, im assuming this guy is playing a joke on me, inklings and inkbowpendon, thats crap(is it?)

  10. paz says:

    if i were to sell a wannabe tombow swifter(with the white leters scratched of) how much would i sell it for?ans wat would i trade it for

  11. Yiep says:

    paz: I have the TRUE Tombow Swifter, mwhahaha. He gave it to me in person. So beat it

  12. sfsr says:

    Lol Yiep. (He has it though)

    paz, the person nicking “paz responder” is just making fun. All he says is crap and I’ll see if I can remove his comments. There is no such thing as inklings etc, and ofcourse the TRUE Tombow Swifter can be mentioned.

    If you want to sell a Tombow mod, the price should be about the same as the cost of your materials, imo.

  13. paz says:

    thats like eight bucks wthout the ink stuff, and yiep (clears throat) wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, is it just 7mm cut off barrel, and i cant believe i fell for paz responers trick, whats imo though? and also, yipe and u, sfsr, are swedish i think and are part of swespin right?

    is eaight bucks worth it,(profile, 1 buck, 2 tombows, 3 bucks plus tax, effort in making it,) hey whats the best thing to cut the profile with and how can i make it “perfect”

    you like to use TRUE or wannabe tombow swifter right sfsr

  14. pz responder responder says:

    ur welcome paz, but nyway paz reponder is either joking around, very young, or loony.

  15. paz says:

    u kno wat pz responder responder, stop, ill slap u at school

  16. Desending_Darkness says:

    Paz, i’ll slap you at school!

  17. paz says:

    err… hoo are you ?

  18. whoopie says:

    im ryan

  19. whoopie cush says:


  20. paz says:

    i know urnot ryan, whos ryan? whoopie stop

  21. pedro says:

    where do you buy a tombow ABT marker?

  22. alex says:

    did you put white metal rings between the profile/anyball/dong-a grips? if not, how did you do it? lol great mod.

  23. KGKeGu says:

    where do u buy the tombow dual brush pen and the dong a grip grip? ,

  24. Clayjoe says:

    where can i find the ring on the grip??

    Please reply :|

  25. Clayjoe says:

    Where can I find one of those rings on the grip???

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