Pen Spinning Collabs

Here are quite a lot Pen Spinning Collabs! I’ll add download links later for high quality versions of the videos.


5 Responses to Pen Spinning Collabs

  1. spinofdoom says:

    hey nice blog…

  2. T_N_C says:

    NIce Blod . I like it

  3. Milly Gregory says:

    We are currently casting a commercial for Lucozade and looking for advanced pen spinners.. please look at the link below and get in touch if you think you can spin in this way:

    The commercial is filming in July (15th is most likely) and will be in London. The pay is £350 for the day and then an additional £5000 (paying well as looking for very specialist skills!)

    Please get in touch with me on 07956447920 or if you would like to discuss.

    Alternatively just send your details along with a vid clip of 15 seconds of you spinning, a photo and your age to the above email address.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Milly Gregory
    Hannah Simons Casting

  4. Enshii says:

    Im recruiting penspinners for a collab that will go on YouTube as my first video, NOTE: This is for EVERYONE! Pro, newbie anything will do! This is an allrounder collab! :D If you are interested please reply with your email and Penspinning name. After that i will go into further details later.

    Thank You and keep on Spinning!

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