Bic Round Stic

Bic Round Stic is a ballpoint pen mainly found in USA. It’s a common pen and doesn’t cost much at all. It’s used for BICtory and some other mods.

Well known Pen Mods using Bic Round Stic:

Bic Round Stic


25 Responses to Bic Round Stic

  1. Dave says:

    There are some other mods you can do with variations of the round stic using the round stic grip and i am developing right now a round stic retractable mod.

  2. Zeeroo says:

    Hi, wondering if I could buy this in Belgui, Europe?

  3. BlondiiGirl says:

    What stores in europe can i buy them pls

  4. mtalman says:

    how can i buy it at malaysia?

  5. alex says:

    is the bic round stic the same in terms of thickness as the papermate kilometrico?

  6. ERNY says:

    You can buy this pen in europe, but the name is ” bic ecolutions round stic”

  7. Jon says:

    These things are common as crap in the USA.
    I would suggest only buying them for quality mods like the R-Stic, because BICtory is total crap. Even when I covered it in extra grips its too light and waaaay to short.

  8. maisy says:

    i live in hong kong where can i buy Bic Round Stic ??????

  9. maisy says:

    where can i buy it in hong kong

  10. maisy says:

    where can i buy it in hong kong

  11. poptrops says:

    since this can’t be found in the phlippines can the BIC round stic grip fine be a substitute

  12. Yo MAMA says:

    For all tthose people in other countries asking about it… dont. its too light, short, and slippery. unles you mod it really well. its only pro is its cheap.

  13. arvin says:

    where can i find it here in philippines?

  14. Vincent says:

    thers’s lots in the national bookstore in the philippines. i’m from cebu BTW.

  15. penbert says:

    can i find in quezon city?? pls repky me asap

  16. Ako budoy says:

    mga tol may paparmate gel ba at gripmatic sa national book store… gagawa kasi ako ng twistable mx…..

  17. meron ba yan sa national bookstore ?

  18. mag kano ba yan sa national bookstore

  19. 12 pesos lang yan sa NBS

  20. nagib says:

    bic pen usa is the best bic atall

  21. james says:

    i like to eat them they taste great and they’re good for you

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