Dong-a Anyball

This pen is mainly used for it’s exellent grip, but some less known mods also use parts of it’s body. Instead of Dong-a Anyball, Papermate Profile (USA) and Star Gels Max (France) are used in some other countries since they are almost identical. Anyball comes in the colors Black, red, blue, green, yellow and gray.

Dong-a Anyball


14 Responses to Dong-a Anyball

  1. aim: redvsblue5463 says:

    also come in purple

  2. paz says:

    profiles come in any color like orange, green, and other colors

  3. Dave says:

    The full colors of the profiles are Black, Blue, Green, red, purple, orange, light blue, and pink. I also found out if you are in malaysia or that area there is also an anyball twin. I think it is called the BUNCHA anyball.

  4. Emily says:

    Hey Dave, do you know where you can get this pen in Malaysia? I’ve been looking around but I can’t find any.

  5. mangakid says:

    i dont know where to buy these pen T-T i cant find the pens on the internet (i life in holland)

  6. Dave says:

    Mangakid you can go to and they have the grips there in a section called accesories or grips something like that

    and Emily my information just told me that they had them in Malaysia and that was what they were called (Buncha Anyball.)

    Sorry if i didnt help much

  7. Tomz92 says:

    iz buncho anyball nt buncha i noe wer to gt it in malaysia for more info pls log in to (Malaysia Pen Spinning Community)

  8. Dohnny says:

    I got a dong-a anyball, and it sucks balls. Grip is OK, but the ink line produced is not consistent i.e. when you write, the amount of ink is not the same on a line, sometimes darker, sometimes lighter.

    I am going to stick to my stabilo liner 808. cheap and really good writing

  9. tristan says:

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  10. alec says:

    how to you remove the clicker? i ran out of ink and i didnt get a second pen and i only have a refill… thanks for the help.

  11. arvin says:

    is this one can find here in philippines?

  12. ou sa national bookstore

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