Dong-a Com.ssa

Dong-a Com.ssa is a Computer Sign Pen (therefrom the abbreviation Com.ssa) from the brand Dong-a. It can only be found in Korea, in is in their signature pen. The PSing site PDS sells Com.ssa pens that have been modified with another print or with an outsert, with speciall caps, Anyball grip, etc. They come with yellow or white caps.

Dong-a Com.ssa


11 Responses to Dong-a Com.ssa

  1. everett says:

    dose anyone know where to get some in the US besides off jetpens >.>

  2. sfsr says:

    Well, you can always order com.ssa:s from PDS website, but that’s quite expensive as far as I know :/

    Other than that I do not know, since I don’t live in the US myself, but you can always try to find a korean shop somewhere in a town nearby and see if they have com.ssa:s, or can order them.

  3. You could always try your luck at eBay or find some american penspinners who are willing to trade.

  4. everett says:

    Oo ebay what do you serch on there because i havent found it yet

  5. Wed says:

    THe best one so far is THey sell unmodded comssas for 1.19. So just buy 2 of em and get some Hgg’s and papermate profiles and you’re good to go

  6. clydetheman says:

    how come whenever i watch collabs, the com.ssa of the spinners dont have the korean label, do they scratch it off? or they just paint it with black?

  7. bambamtheman says:

    comssa sucks

  8. Betsy Kelly says:

    I wish to purchase some Shabity 0.7 pens made by Dong A. Can you tell me where I can do so?

  9. slayer563 says:

    theres pens that look like this in usa.Just go to staples or anything like it.

  10. brendan says:

    why not jetpens? i am from the us and bought 2 boxes for the price of 1 where others sell it and there may be stores that sell stuff like it but trust me, they arent the same but you dont need to actually use your real credit card try a visa gift card if u feel unsecure of jetpens anyways theyre shipping is cheap and comes quick or if ur the lazy type and dont wanna make it urself go to penwish you may think the dr kt and stuff are expensive but theyre not cuz thats actually sometimes cheaper than when u buy it at stores because of pen variations and such lol might not be wut ur lookin fo but it can help :)

  11. Steve says:

    I got mine at a Hallmark store in Alpharetta GA.

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