HGG is a Gel Pen wich is used for mods like RSVP MX and Hybrid HGG². The RSVP MX uses only it’s tip and grip, while HGG² uses the barrel and grip. A com.ssa metallic is often made with the tips of a HGG.

Well known Pen Mods using HGG:

All HGG Colors


34 Responses to HGG

  1. tom says:

    Where do i get these. They r not on the pentelwebsite.

  2. paz says:

    they r realy rare every where except for japan, they are made there, i f u dont want to go to japan, but them or trade with someone, i need like 100, (Figure og speech) (lol)

  3. paz says:

    go tahiti they have them too,

    sfsr sorry for being everywhere on the site, im addicted to PSing

  4. bi_a_op says:

    they are mostly aviable in europe. i live in norway and they are everywhere

  5. the fob says:

    can u get them at walmart?

  6. kuhfi says:

    Epic win!

    Germany has them, too!

  7. anonymous says:

    we have these in HK, but not everywhere

  8. poop says:

    where can you get hgg in California?

    • bread says:

      no ive been everywhere in ccalifornia literally (me family travels a lot) and cant find a SINGLE office store with hgg pens lol

  9. poop says:

    is it possible?

  10. kidofpoop says:

    where can you get hgg

  11. #include_xerxz09 says:

    there are HGG here in the philippines…X-P

  12. deadx123 says:

    where can u get these in usa/ mississippi?

  13. Chong says:

    where can get in malaysia? is there any in popular?

    • Aiman says:

      yeah…. if you live in KL area you can get it in almost all popular bookstores…
      i got one @ Popular Summit Square^^
      but i only found gold and silver only

  14. gamerguy455 says:

    i m trying 2 make an rsvp mx, but i need an hgg pen. where can i get them?

  15. Gaydrian says:

    penwish.com most reliable site evr, delivers almost anywhere

  16. shin137 says:

    HGG in the Philippines?!..where did you find it?..im also Filipino #include_xerxz09 pls help…really need to know where to buy..thanks.. :D

  17. asdasdasdasd says:

    there are HGG’s in the philippines,but they are extremely,extremely rare.=(

  18. thema024 says:

    they cant be found in spain, can they? :(

  19. bi a op says:

    HGG are found everywhere in Europe (mostly).

  20. jm says:

    help me what store can i find hgg pen in the phil.?

  21. jm says:

    i just found an rsvp in national bookstore. XD

  22. jm says:

    now i know where i can find hgg pens in the phil. its in expressions bookstore

  23. Maggu16 says:

    There are HGGs here at the Philippines :P HAHA!

  24. Star says:

    Address: Ug/F Ever Gotesco Commonwealth Commonwealth Avenue
    City: Quezon City
    Expressions in Quezon City listing

    Phone: +63 (2) 931-0963

    i just found this address on the yellow pages -.- im in mindanao how can this be helpful to me hmn.. if anybody there from davao city whos gonna buy hgg can i ask u to buy me one as well lol..

  25. Please check out Pentel Pens Facebook to update us regarding you Pentel inquiries… the page with Charice Pempengco profile pics

    —Pentel Philippines

  26. EdwinaTeng says:

    How do i get these pens in Sg ?

  27. johnmark padilla says:

    THEY SAID..THEY FIND HGG IN EXPRESSION STORE..!!!kaya bibili ako..!!ahahha^_^

  28. Jacob says:

    Is there any pen with similar tips?

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