Pilot G-3

Pilot G-3 is another Gel Pen in the G series from Pilot. It’s not as common as the G-1 and G-2, it can be aquired in

Well known Pen Mods using G-3:

Pilot G-3


7 Responses to Pilot G-3

  1. untilican says:

    where can i find this pen

  2. spinn3r says:

    I have that pen, and I know where to buy it

  3. asadadadsasda says:

    g3’s used to be common in the philippines,i’ve been to 5 bokstores,non of them have these,only specific stores have these,just an fyi for other filipino PSers

  4. renuer says:

    where i can buy g-3 in phil..

    please add me in fb


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