Pilot Super Gel

This is a Gel Pen with the ink actually in the body, without an ink-tube or anything. It’s not an expensive pen at all and can be acquired in Sweden, Japan and other countries. Mostly only the cap is used, for mods like Lakubo and Monami, but for the HGG² you use it’s back-plug. It exists in the colors black, red, blue, green, orange, purple, pink and light-blue. The orange, purple, pink and light-blue pens have completely transparent caps and can only be acquired with 07 tips, while the black, red, blue and green pens can be acquired in 05, 07 or 10. The 05 versions have completely transparent caps, the 07 ones have half colored caps, and the 10 ones have even more colored caps. The pens in the picture below are all 07.

Well known Pen Mods using Super Gel:

Super Gel


3 Responses to Pilot Super Gel

  1. ERNEST says:


  2. woahman says:

    Es veradad, alguien conoce algun substituto para el tapón?

    It’s true, anyone knows any subs for the cap?

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