Tombow PlayColor2

PlayColor2 is a color marker of the brand Tombow that mainly can be acquired in Japan. It’s used to make PlayColor2 mods, wich basically are quadruple or more capped PlayColors.

Well known Pen Mods using PlayColor2:

  • PlayColor2 Mod

PlayColor 2


3 Responses to Tombow PlayColor2

  1. Leaha says:

    i love these pens. i dont spin much really, but i bought a few in japan recenty. where can you get these online? mine are running out :(

  2. bic spin says:

    u should try and do u need a new one for writing or spinning because if you are spinning it does not matter if there is ink

  3. abby says:

    ugh i love these! but i can’t get them in the US. so depressing.

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