Zebra F-3000/3000*F

Zebra F-3000 and 3000*F are rather rare pens, especially 3000*F, wich isn’t being manufactured anymore. The 3000*F pens require no modding, while the F-3000 should be modded the same way as a Bictory is. Many think they are great to spin with, and the demand isn’t filled because of the low supply. They are quite light and have a small barrel though, so they don’t fit every spinner. Also, it’s absolutely no pen you should spin if you have just recently started PenSpinning.



9 Responses to Zebra F-3000/3000*F

  1. bad boy says:

    where can i find the 3000*f

  2. Llamaman says:

    How long is the 3000*f? Weight? Thanks.

  3. cheezits says:

    Whatever happened to the Z-Grips????
    They have excellent grips concerning BIC mods
    Lots of color variations too.

  4. William says:

    I still have some 3000*F if you need them.

  5. vincente says:

    i need help learning how to do shadow i cant catch iy

  6. vincente says:

    i also want to learn how to make a great pen that is really nice

  7. vincente says:

    is anyone on this site anymore

  8. Jon says:


    I am XD

  9. Terri says:

    Where can I find them now?

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