PenSpinning; some people call it a form of contact juggling, but I don’t. Cause it’s not, it is what it is: PenSpinning. Basically, the pen moves between your fingers by performing small motions. The existing tricks are divided into several families of similar tricks, these families being top spin, air spin, around, conic, through-spin, pass and roll. In pen spinning, the digits are the hands are given letter as numbers as follows:

T = Thumb

1 = Indexfinger

 2 = Middlefinger

  3 = Ringfinger 

 4 = Pinkyfinger

Currently, there are hundreds of pen spinning tricks, with new tricks and variations being invented all the time.


8 Responses to PenSpinning

  1. futureornithologist says:

    what pens are best for penspinning?? Dr.KT or RSVP MX?

  2. archermitch says:

    In my opinion, neither. Go to or pendolsa or something and i think the selection is much wider. there’s no clear winner and it comes down to personal preference.

  3. bic spin says:

    I have just learned a sonic so what next?

  4. Pentastic says:

    Which UK based suppliers are best to buy these pens from?

    I have just launched a pen spinning tutorial and would appreciate any feedback

  5. Zois arg says:

    In my opinion Dr.KT

  6. Longman13 says:

    It depends on, of you are a beginner or a advanced spinner. If you are a advanced spinner you should go with Dr: kt and if you are a beginner you should go with the rsvp mod. :)
    Just a question. Is there any active spinners here anymore? :’)

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