Twisted Sonic

This trick consists of half a charge movement followed by a Reversed Pass. I think this trick looks better than normal Sonic, since it’s a bit longer and it includes more rotations (it has 1.5 rotation, Sonic has 1). If you know Sonic and Charge it’s quite easy to learn it (even if I accidentaly learned Inv. Twisted Sonic when I first tried it) and I don’t think you’ll spend much time learning this trick, wich is absolutely something every PenSpinner should know (yes, that includes you Mats).
Twisted Sonic 1

Step 1: Hold the pen in the same position as if you were going to do a Sonic or Charge. Hold your fingers a little bit bent, and if you want you can have the rear behind you thumb in the beginning.

Twisted Sonic 2

Step 2: Stretch out your fingers and bend 3 backwards a little bit, just like a charge.

Twisted Sonic 3

Step 3: Continue the Charge movement but hold 1 forward at the same time, so the pen slips in between the fingers with 1 and 3 in front of it and 2 behind it.

Twisted Sonic 4
Step 4: Pull back 1 so you hold the pen between just 1 and 2. Make sure the movement it makes completes the rotation it was making before you grabbed it with 1.

Twisted Sonic 5

Step 5: Let the rotation complete and catch it behind your thumb.


2 Responses to Twisted Sonic

  1. Rex says:

    Soo~ Do the Charge and in the middle of the Charge you do Sonic.

  2. aN0oBSpiNNer says:

    Aren’t Twisted Sonic is actually Charge 0.5 then Pass?
    I could do it easily if it’s Charge ~ Sonic… If it’s ACTUALLY Charge ~ Pass, i would stuck often…
    Btw, the video just now if you see it closely, it is actually spin around the finger but not Sonic :/

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